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“If you’re struggling to decide between a Distressor, an 1176 and an LA3A, the Dragon might be the solution — and it’s certainly worthy…”
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“The Dragon is a fantastic choice for “my one and only compressor”, and that’s a rare thing in today’s world of choice upon choice.”
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“The desire to have a box do “everything” while offering a sane number of controls is a tricky balance… The Dragon manages to combine what would be a great sounding straightforward FET compressor on any level with a control set that drastically changes the overall characteristics of the unit quickly”
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“To say that the Dragon has excelled in virtually everything that has been asked may seem an exaggeration, but the reality is that it has.” (translated from Spanish to English)
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“The Dragon is a universal work-horse…you will realize every day that your investment has paid off…what a powerful thing!” (translated from German to English)
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“The Dragon is a great compressor – everything I love about an 1176 but with way more features and tone.  The EQ is especially useful.  Saturation modes, blend knob…  Super flexible with loads of control and character.” – Joe Barresi (Queens of the Stoneage, Bad Religion, Powerman 5000, Jesus Lizard, Tool, Anthrax, L7, Bauhaus)
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“The Vintage topology has very definite overtones of a classic Neve 1073‑style preamp — obviously warm, ‘phat’, rounded and rich, with a solid, big‑bottomed character complemented by a smooth top‑end sheen. mode and 63dB for the Modern mode. These characteristics can be seen in the Audio Precision test plots we’ve placed on the SOS web site…”
Click here to read the entire Sound on Sound review by Hugh Robjohns

“No matter what I tried it on, the Fox preamp gave me plenty of sonic options and always sounded great…”
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Posted by VitaEtMusica on
“It’s a very robust, big bottom, warm sound that fits well with my production style. Definitely a special sound. I believe it’s supposed to be a 1073 type pre, and it definitely nods in that direction, but this sounds more… sophisticated? Refined? It makes everything I’ve thrown at it a little “bigger” than my other pres. Kind of hard to describe…”

Posted by Unknown on
“I have Fox #17 here and I have to agree, the vintage modes have a richness that is hard to describe, easy to appreciate, especially on voice. The sonic differences between the four options on each channel are subtle but distinct, and I suspect all four will get used here, including the modern mode, which sounds fast and tight but not sterile. Slate did a nice job with the Fox.”


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